Winter Approaches

Yesterday was the first real rainy day of the season out here in California. We only have 2 real seasons here, so this more or less marks the beginning of Winter. With it I found myself looking under my bed for something. While there I found this scrap of an old drop cloth, squirreled away like an acorn.

These are always hard to display because of their dimension, so I’ll post one small that will fit in your browser and one larger so you see more of the details.

40″ x 9″, Acrylic on Canvas

Larger after the jump


Hey there. Doubt you made it this far. I don’t know what to do with this. For display it’s not wide enough to stretch. I could sew other parts to it to make an ensemble, but then what I like about this will be lost. Just pinning it to the wall isn’t dignified enough. So I’m stuck in a netherworld of sorts and will probably put it back under the bed until inspiration strikes later.



4 Responses to “Winter Approaches”

  1. I like the very vertical format. this has an almost asian feel to it. it reminds me of scrolls i used to frame, and it even suggests landscape.

    one presentation suggestion to take or leave:
    stitch a loop (well, a rube really) of fabric to the back an inch or so down from the top. make it a few inches smaller than the width of the canvas. slide a rod through the fabric tube so the rod sticks out a bit on each side of the tube. hang it on two hooks. ideally, you’d figure a way to make it secure by fastening the rod where it needs to stay so the piece won’t slide back and forth which i’m sure would be easy.

    you could also do something similar to that, but with an attractive visible hanging system–something that related to the painting.

  2. David Bass Says:

    I like it. Perhaps crossing the line of sculpture where you display it on a pedestal as a circle horizontally. affixed to bent wood or something so it loops to itself. Also I had an idea to do a series of portraits where I made a 6′ tall 2-3′ wide (4 sides) covered with canvas and painted a life size figure from each angle. I think a similar set up could work for this of course you’ll have to do 3 more or so. Just brainstorming yo

  3. What about mounting it to a piece of wood and then building an un-frame around it with painted/stained quarter-rounds? at 9″ wide I can think of a number of dead spaces it would be perfect for – even the exposed side of a bookcase . . . . (Also, if you’re nearsighted, and squint without your glasses on it looks like a lotus bud in a marsh)

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