From the Archives: I Don’t Have A Name For This

Whoever is in charge of setting up my scanner should really get on that. And buy me a new printer. This is getting annoying.

I’m not sure I’ve posted this before. This was originally created as a wedding gift for a close friend. Because of it’s dimensions, I’ll post a smaller version with a some bigger versions of 2 of the components after the jump for anybody looking for details.


Each part of the triptych is 10″ x 10″. While I didn’t really try anything radically new in these, it’s still one of my favorite pieces in terms of color relationships that I’ve made.





5 Responses to “From the Archives: I Don’t Have A Name For This”

  1. Nice work. If you’ll ship them up here, we’ll scan them for you for no charge.

  2. Clean, well crafted work. If I’m right, your apparent use of photoshop for graphic presentation successfully keeps the work in focus.

  3. I took photos of each separately against god knows what backdrop then PSed them together

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