seeing dots …

so this is what im working with … i know crazy huh?  just sitting in the studio making dots on a long roll of rice paper.  it’s likley going to become some sort of scroll, or something.  i dunno.  i just kept making these marks on the paper and thinking about .. well nothing.  it’s quite liberating. i’ll keep you updated on the scope of the scroll.  it’s presently 4″x 48″.  i’m considering taping another length on to expand it to 96″.  it might push me into some sort of psychotic break, but some of the best work has emerges from absurd beginnings.  of course so has some of the worst!

on the topic of process … i had the opportunity to see the willem de kooning retrospective at the museum of modern art, ny.  remarkable to see the development of a vision over so many years and periods.  i chose to visit not because i’m such a fan of de koonings, but for the unique chance to see how he emerged over time.


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