Completed Quilts

This weekend I finished working with the quilts I posted last week.

Green copy White copy Orange copy

Before starting these I had been having trouble getting started with these types of quilts. For a few weeks I’d had several false starts, or completely partial pieces that I wasn’t comfortable using on their own. Finally one night I began idly working the green part of this piece:

Green copy
Each piece is 26″ x 26″, acrylic and paper collage quilted together.

I actually got a good 18″ x 18″ of it done. The next night I realized it was too green, as I mentioned last week, but the process had put me back in the flow of the process. The form in these is one I’d been meaning to return to. What followed was a relatively rapid process of completing the 3 pieces, cutting them up Friday night and finishing them Saturday.

White copy

Orange copy

The shape these are based on, I usually refer to as a “flower” but it’s actually just a square with semi-circles appended to each side. A month or so ago I went through a week of doing the math to determine the perimeter and area formulas for this and other shapes, including the toughest- a circle surrounded by other circles. I haven’t done anything with this information, or had anyone check it for accuracy, just know that I have it for no apparent reason.

Flickr won’t let me post tighter detail views, but the images are public if you go there.



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