still feel like s#*t …

it’s been 3 days since i returned from an overseas trip that involved 18+ hours of travel each way and spanned 9 time zones and i still am flummoxed.  during my trip however, i had the great fortune of seeing a bunch of films; “exit through the gift shop” , “the world according to anish kapoor”, “looking for lowry” and “basquiat: a life”.  all were really interesting art films and i highly recommend them.  additionally i viewed “chasing madoff” and the hilarious “greatest movie ever sold”.  all good and all worth seeing.

as far as making art … well i’m still in a cycle of experimenting with different mediums.  i did take my camera on my travels, however, the ONLY picture i took was at the hotel as i was leaving – pathetic.  i’m heading to the studio today and hopefully a bit of my “art self” will appear.  until then below are a couple of phone fotos …

only pic from my travels

iphone picture during the daily dog stroll



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