new work … no pics, yet

i’ve been working with the monotype as a means for creative development and i’m finding the process to be a great way to both have fun AND mine some deeper ideas.  i’m not a trained printmaker and my forays into the plastic arts in college were abysmal.  yet, this time, i’m finding a real draw to printmaking in particular.  i can only guess it’s my inner finger painting child screaming for more attention …  yet, it might be a bit more.  my drive to pick up my camera has dropped to  all time lows and i spend more time drawing and playing with paints and papers than ever before.  additionally, i find little interest in looking a contemporary photography.  it all seems so contrived and well .. i dunno.  i’m sure to find my way back sometime.

so… while i’ve samples of this new direction, they’re all at my studio and i’ve not had a moment to foto them for this entry ( i know … what a loser)  i’ll be sure to post some soon

in the meantime …. this is a detail of an ink scroll 4″ x 48″


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