Dead Wood, Auto-tune & Seasonal Binges

three elves Christmas 2011
Oh you know… “the holidays” are happening and all that so it’s time for wailing traditional songs about out of wedlock conception and excessive consumption. Time to kill trees and dress them up like two dollar hookers. Time to over-indulge in foods we pride ourselves on avoiding during the rest of the year and then resolve to quit them again once the calendar resets. GOD I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!! No I don’t. Well, sort of. I like the tree genocide part a bunch anyway. OK, not the genocide part, but the two dollar hooker bit. I like that part alot. I also like yowling off key with my more talented friends beside me to help make my voice sound passable because you know, auto-tune only does so much.

And so that’s what I did. I gussied up some dead wood and my friends allowed me once again to be dead wood on our yearly Christmas album. To be fair, making the album WAS my idea in the first place. Oh, and I design the album cover ever, too. It’s just that I am musically retarded, can play no instruments, and when singing require special attention in order to sound close enough to on key. Although one year I played the tambourine and that was OK. This is our sixth year making an album of four songs which we send out to torture a long list of friends and family. Would you like to hear it? It’s actually quite good despite me! Go ahead, give a listen! My pal Bodart does an amazing job recording, mixing, and making everything sound great.

Confession: I actually do like eating like a little piggie, too. So in fact, I suppose i do sort of love the holidays. Hope your days are happy regardless of what you believe and how you celebrate or don’t.

holidays with the Bodalimatos clan


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