Mini Mini’s

When I was out west visiting with Mr. Hastings I noticed a stack of unused magnets that have been sitting there for 4 years (I know this because I stuck them there 4 years ago) and I asked if I could have them. I probably could have just thrown them in my bag and they would have never been missed, but it’s always polite to ask.

These are 2 inches by 3 inches.


5 Responses to “Mini Mini’s”

  1. Video game magazines too!

  2. Grab me those video game magazines. I’ve been thinking of going through a retro phase.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      so now i have to travel 3000 miles to steal art supplies for you too?

      • You could use me like a sherpa if you just brought me along…

        Incidentally, you’ve been going out there for over 4 years? Where does the time go?

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