New Camera

Why is it that all electronics decide to crap out at the same time? My Olympus, like my previous laptop, has been dying a slow death for the last year or so. It had gotten to the point of being so unreliable that it was essentially unusable, and now with all the problems the company is having along with my personal experience with their products I thought it would be best to go in a new direction. Lucky for me I have a few camera nerd friends and after a little consulting decided to go with this.

So far it’s great, a bit heftier than my previous ones, but it also feels more substantial. Now the only problem is that I have been without a decent camera for so long I don’t know what I want to take photos of…so here is a cat.

When in doubt always go with a cat, it is the default setting for internet communications.


2 Responses to “New Camera”

  1. Jason Gray Says:

    Nice, Toni! That is a great camera, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you decide to shoot with it (after cats).

  2. tiny spy camera…

    […]New Camera « d’Arte Board[…]…

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