With or Without?

I like this springy swirly shape that has come up a few times, and usually I stick with a pretty simple formula, black background with two cut pieces on top in two subtly varying values. Then I thought it might be a good opportunity to deviate in color, use the set pattern to put that part of the thinking aside and focus on the color combinations. In theory this was fine, but when I applied my usual formula it looked a little…what? Too spare? I don’t know, but it just isn’t really working for me.

So I added another layer, and now wonder if it is too busy?

Any thoughts?


4 Responses to “With or Without?”

  1. Rednecked big head Says:

    A little busy with little space to think.

  2. Trapped in a small brain Says:

    As I reevaluate, it’s pretty beautiful.

  3. I like the second one

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