Art & Icecream, StephG @ JP Licks in Harvard Square

Celluloid Momentum by Steph Gerolimatos
Yesterday, I hung some of my art up at JP Licks in Harvard Square. It never occurred to me that my work could look presentable on astro-turf, but as it turns out, faux greenery is quite a lovely background for it indeed! After careful consideration, I chose work from two different series, Surface and Circular Obfuscation.

It was a fun day! My super-hero pal–Preparator M and I awoke at 4am, fed ourselves and our feline army, then hit the road. We arrived in grey, rainy Cambridge with a carload of art at 7:45 and were greeted at the JP Licks door by bright-eyed Lily who, along with her ice cream compatriot Steph, provided a very helpful, very enthusiastic audience for the next hour and a half. Happily, everything went perfectly, no problems at all! We spent the next few hours hanging out in Boston, watching penguins at The New England Aquarium, enjoying Thai food, sipping hot beverages and people-watching.

My work will be up until the end of March so if your nearby, stop in and see it. Big fat thanks to Kelly at JP Licks for inviting me to show and to my pal Zatch for showing Kelly my work in the first place!

-Steph ❤


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