WIP: Limbs

Living in NY requires money. I have little time to eat or breathe. I suppose I’ll have to learn to live on 4 hours of sleep to give myself enough space to paint and do my laundry. What ends up happening is I’m left with beginning projects that require blocks of time to conceptualize, think, sit and allow to grow. I don’t have those blocks. This is another piece that may very well ferment like so many others have over the past few months.

WIP: Limbs

WIP: Limbs, oil on canvas, 31″ x 46″


7 Responses to “WIP: Limbs”

  1. Nice work it moves me

  2. This is a beautiful painting. I love the how the white keeps drawing my eye back to the centre. This piece entices the viewer to spend time exploring the whole canvas with your eye returning to the figure constantly.

  3. Me, I dig the sense of movement in the marks, and the semi-abstraction of the form, the figure merging with the background. Interesting work.

  4. No time to do laundry and paint? Then paint your laundry. 😉

  5. I may just put my paintings through the spin cycle.

  6. Love your brush strokes and the light in this piece…

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