2.828427125 Two Foot Square Squares Squared

primed panels in the yard with Mark and his blue ball :)
just primed panels drying in the sun

Don’t let the title of this post mislead you. I’m no math geek. I mean, I do think math is great. I love math geeks. It’s just that there is a ton of math I haven’t actually used since high school. As a result, there is much that I have forgotten. I’m still good at measuring and fractions because that’s handy for building things. But honestly, in the interest of creating a convoluted post title, I looked up the square root of eight today in lieu of even trying to figure it out.

Back to art! My very special pal built for me this week, eight fabulously-crafted two foot square panels. That’s him above alongside the panels with his blue ball and his blue yoga mat. Thank you, handsome, beardy Bodart! Each panel is cradled with one by twos which leaves a little room in the back for things like squishy foam and velvet or whatever else strikes my fancy once I start cutting into these suckers. I haven’t started any subtractive work yet, just additive. See a couple of works in progress below.

work in progress by stephg
acrylic, spray paint and flocking fiber

work in progress by stephg

Happy painting, bitches!
-happy painting bitch Steph


2 Responses to “2.828427125 Two Foot Square Squares Squared”

  1. markbodah Says:

    yr math skizizles are wowing my brainz!

  2. […] Above is a closeup of what’s happening with one of the pieces I posted last weekend. Below is another work in progress. It’s another of the two foot square panels. […]

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