Itsa Small, Small World

We thought it would be fun to do this.

While I was out in California visiting Mr. Hastings we started experimenting with combining our styles. He chose the colors, I did the drawing, and then we stitched it all together. The intention was to make three, but in the end only had time to make one, and because I liked the result so much I was hesitant to submit it to the show having been warned of the high probability of damage. A conversation or two later I put those reservations aside, remembering that it’s only art, if it gets ruined we’ll just make more.

The opening was last night, and it was the most astonishing art even I have ever attended, I’m pretty sure all of Williamsburg showed up. There were costumes, Indian food, a temporary tattoo station and a lot of atrocious fashion. My favorite part was watching some girl walk face first into a piece of paper covered in dried semen, and rather than acknowledge what it was she just threw it on the ground to be stomped by everyone bunching up in the rear. Can’t say that I blame her.

I waited for our Mr. Bennett, who also submitted a piece for the show, and then tried to squeeze my way in (this is one of those instances where being a small person is beneficial) which after a half an hour of wiggling I finally managed to do. The gallery is the size of a walk in closet with every available surface covered in work ranging from good to godawful. I found ours instantly, and was pleasantly surprised to see that we actually got a good spot, low enough to be well seen, high enough to not get damaged, took my photo and got the fuck out.

Just in time too, because not long after we left the whole scene turned into this.

photo credit @spankandblank

And if you’d like to know a little more about the man behind all this, Jayson Musson, a.k.a Hennessey Youngman, a.k.a The Pharaoh Hennessey, a.k.a The Pedagogic Pimp, check out this interview with him here.


3 Responses to “Itsa Small, Small World”

  1. the piece w the dried semen was mine, I’m glad it did some good.

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