Consideration in Paint. Consider Painting.

To Whom It May Concern,

painting by stephg
You may or may not recall a post I published last fall with some fairly atypical (for me) work. Well, I’m still making that work, albeit sporadically. These are a couple of pieces from that series that I finished the other day. Both are acrylic on really nice, archival mat board.
word art painting by stephg
When I have enough of these (in about thirty or forty years) I’m going to transform my under the front stairway closet into a gallery, plaster them all over the walls and have a party. Leave your address in the comments below if you’d like me to send you an invite. The postcards are sure to become collectors items in century or so. Trust me, you’ll want one. I’m not collecting addresses to sell. Really.



2 Responses to “Consideration in Paint. Consider Painting.”

  1. great, yeh I’ll come but dont invite sven and tom and tom

  2. or tiller or hastings and also mark bodahs sidekick

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