Thank You Mrs. Hastings

There is nothing quite as delightful as receiving and unexpected and thoughtful gift in the mail and I was lucky enough to have one arrive just before I had to travel west a few weeks ago.  Mrs. Hastings, otherwise known as JD’s mom, was kind enough to remember that I was cutting up maps last fall and sent me these.


Look at those fat books filled with pretty maps waiting to be scanned, or if feeling daring, just cut up directly.  Kind of been wondering lately if it is worth scanning things like this, and by that I mean paper of course, but paper that feels a little less disposable than magazine paper. The idea of being able to repeat images to create or expand pattern is intriguing, but of course they would have to be printed to do that so it adds another layer of complication. Worth considering though, no?

Anyway, I am in the middle of putting together a “Thank You” gift, and made one of my spring pieces, this one a bit larger than usual, to send along. Hope she likes it (I’m sending a bottle of wine too, just in case she doesn’t).


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