My Machine Is In The Shop

I was working on one of the recent collaboration pieces that JD and I have been posting, just stitching right along and then the sewing machine made a funny noise and stopped. Uh oh. So I messed with it for awhile and got nowhere, took it to the shop and was told it would be about a week and 90 dollars to fix.

90 bucks? That is more than half of what it cost in the first place, but the technician quickly followed up with the fact that it will come with a 6 month warranty. Well OK then, knowing how much I am going to beat on this thing for at least the next 6 months is going to make that worth it.

In the mean time, I don’t have any work to post this week, so enjoy this furry little art critic.


2 Responses to “My Machine Is In The Shop”

  1. This furry critic says”It does not look like me!”

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