Pogonological Wonder In Graphite

12 x 9 inches
graphite on archival mat board

This is a small drawing I did of a friend. It’s for the same project Tom Bennett mentioned in this post. I decided to do a straight forward graphite sketch since I rarely draw anymore. I was hoping that making a simple drawing would be a quiet, meditative exercise–good practice and a positive experience for my fucked up brain. It was. Maybe I’ll get back in the habit of drawing now. Maybe not. I could probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve sat down in the last 15 years and actually drawn an image of something in front of me. At any rate, it came out ok, not exactly accurate, but there is a likeness.



5 Responses to “Pogonological Wonder In Graphite”

  1. Looks good. I”d keep working.

    • Thanks, Susan. Do you mean you would keep working on this drawing, or do you mean you would keep drawing in general?

      • The drawing looks finished. I”d keep working in general. It seems to happen to artists quite a bit where they’re entranced with working and art, then they go through a slump. You might be getting ready for a gear shift upward. So this phase might be a gift in disguise.

        • Oh. I guess I should clarify. I make art regularly. The fact that I rarely draw is not an indicator that I’m in a slump. My regular studio practice does not include drawing recognizable things. For the most part, I work in the non-objective, and I use a combination of materials. I sometimes wonder if reintroducing the habit of drawing things might be a positive thing for me, but that remains to be seen. It might just be forcing something that has become less relevant to me. But thank you for the encouragement just the same. 🙂

  2. Fantastic sketch, very inspiring.

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