Thank You Eric Chapman

When I was 15 I got my first tattoo, a dragon on my shoulder that I thought was just oh so cool at the time, but which not surprisingly didn’t hold up over time. I also had “hustler” across the back of my neck, which oddly enough I didn’t regret nearly as much, but still felt like I had outgrown it. The idea of having my whole back reworked sounded daunting and it was something that could be put off indefinitely with nothing but nagging ideas of it at the back of my mind. Luckily this year I had the good fortune to meet a local tattoo artist who wasn’t phased by the challenge at all, and it was pleasing to find the process of developing and executing the idea to be so similar to every other collaboration I’ve had with other artists. Ideas get kicked around, things get produced, editing takes place, and 11 hours and many conversations later we have something.

In the end I couldn’t be more pleased with the results so as a token of thanks I made a monotype of one of his favorite subjects. Sadly these never look as good online as they do in person, something about printing them on fabric just gets lost in the translation. So here it is, and thank you Mr. Chapman, you did an outstanding job.

Oh and if anyone is interested this is what he did for me.


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