New Blue On Old Green, Sticks But No Stones

Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable

art by Steph GerolimatosHere’s the new piece I mentioned last weekend. I managed to set it up and snap some photos. The green wall… uh, don’t mind the green wall. Actually, I’ve grown used to the green wall so I don’t mind it as a background here nearly as much as I did initially.

So this is how I have it set up for the time being. I plan on trying a few different arrangements. I want to see how it looks with the stick forms hung closer together. I also want to try flipping the bottom part (which, by the way, is a two inch deep two foot square panel that just leans against the wall) 180 degrees. I suppose I need to get a shot from the side that includes the panel in order to give a better idea of the whole.

Speaking of the panel, I’m going to include a shot of it on its own as well as a handful of detail shots to give you a closer look at it. It’s basically a three dimensional painting–not exactly new for me. I incorporated acrylic, flocking fiber, dryer lint, silver leaf, glitter! and various other stuff. I will also include some closeups of the stick thingies. They are another mix of lots of stuff–most of the same stuff as the painting plus more.

art by steph gerolimatos

art by steph gerolimatos art by steph gerolimatos art by steph gerolimatos

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4 Responses to “New Blue On Old Green, Sticks But No Stones”

  1. NIce piece! I think the green looks very well with the blue.

  2. We like your work. Come by our new gallery and please submit if you like. We think your work is a good fit.
    Here is the link;

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