Translating Blues

I’ve discovered this week that my camera has a very unsophisticated view of the color blue in all its varying hues. I was aware of the Canon’s unconcerned attitude about transparent vs opaque, but I was unprepared for this “one blue fits all” motto. According to my Canon (on any setting in any light) there is basically one blue with minor variance of any sort at all. Ultramarine is indistinguishable from Manganese or Phthalocyanine. Cobalt? Prussian? Bah! What’s the difference? In fact, in certain instances, isn’t turquoise pretty much the same thing as lavender? No. Do not file this under hyperbole. Anyway, after shooting and reshooting and cursing and hair-pulling, I resorted to some heavy photoshopping to get these photos which are still not an accurate account of what you’d see if you came over for a studio visit to take a look at my new painting/sculpture thing. Ah well. Here it is.

sculpture/painting by Stephg
Yeah, it’s kind of a lumpy puddle, isn’t it? It measures about 18 x 16 x 4 inches, and we’ll designate it “mixed media” because who really cares what it’s made of? Well, if you care to know, you can always ask.

Have a happy weekend!


2 Responses to “Translating Blues”

  1. I am always interested in how you keep such things from mixing, and therefore dulling. If I had a trillion dollars I’d send you to see the colorful dust storms over Jupiter…just to see your giant smile.

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