I’ve missed a few posts, this summer has been filled with lots of work, lots of travel, and the loss of my main computer. I am also pretty sure I just straight up slept through one day and forgot.

While I was out in California we tackled some pretty large projects, like the redesign of the space JD mentioned, and the creation and completion of two large pieces for the upcoming show that we have been working towards. I’ll be keeping those two pieces more or less under wraps for now (there may have been a tweet with a bad photo but you’ll have to go dig that up yourself) and there are still a number of small ones that need to be made.

JD organized a stack of his painted masking take papers into color groups for me to work with and sent me home with them. I put them in my bag with all the intentions of jumping right on it, but found myself pulling them out, looking at them, feeling stuck and confused, and putting them back down. I like the spiral pattern I work with but I can’t keep doing that.

Usually I would just go take a yoga class or hit the trampoline, because this is where new ideas seem to come most freely, but timing and weather have conspired against that and I was starting to feel a little dejected about the whole thing until last night when I discovered the work of Maurice Binder. If you don’t already know, like myself, he was responsible for the incredible opening sequence graphics for the Bond movies, as well as dozens of others. I found my way to him by way of Charade, also known as, “the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made.” and my brain popped.

I mean look at this. It’s fabulous.

The colors are so in line with what we have, the combinations of blocky stripes and loose wavy lines, the layering…suddenly I can see these materials in a new way. What a relief! Then I looked at the calender and realized all of this needs to be done before October 4th, plenty of time until I noticed it coincides with Minks to Sinks

Oh shit.


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