still waiting

while i continue waiting for my studio, i’ve been spending much time thinking about creativity and what it means to claim the moniker of artist. i don’t feel like one right now as i haven’t “made” anything for quite some time. yet isn’t being an artist a state of mind as well? your thoughts?

below are some really great street art pieces that are plastered on a wall in cambridge, ma. i’m surprised and pleased the owner of the building/store has left it undisturbed. i’ll have to go back this week and see if the work is still there.






5 Responses to “still waiting”

  1. the only real artists are worker socialists who paint revolutionary walls

  2. these are meaningless abuse

  3. all graffitti is bourgeois

  4. and most graffitti these days is trying to be banksy

  5. I believe being an artist is a state of mind too. If I go more than a week or so without working on my art I feel guilty and I nag myself. Maybe the inner nag is a good thing.

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