how to redirect the muse

my strategy has been to cook.  i’ve managed to channel the art making energy into cooking.  my time abroad recently inspired me to follow recipes for moroccan dishes.  i even purchased a traditional moroccan cooking vessel … tagine … and am working with lots of new untried spice combinations.  so while i sit and wait  for the studio to be completed we’ll be eating well.

one bit of art news … i’m in a show the snowflake salon show curated by the good folks at heavybubble.  here’s my entry

ode to summer



2 Responses to “how to redirect the muse”

  1. good hot dog makert

  2. I checked out a cookbook at the library yesterday, (Southern Comfort – written by two chefs who fell in love in New Orleans and gave it a go in NYC) got much more than I was looking for!

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