Truncated Octahedra In Masking Tape

I am currently building a set of art books based on polyhedra, or 3D shapes (made of polygons). I picked this shape for today at random, but in the coming weeks I’ll be posting a lot of these. As I post them I’ll try to explain their usually confusing names to help give a glimpse of the more logical framework they exist in.

This week’s sample is a case in point:

Truncated octahedron601
“Truncated Octahedra” 6″ x 4.5″ acrylic on masking tape, quilted into pattern

This shape is a “truncated octahedron.” It is created by modifying a uniform octahedron, that is an 8 shape form where all the sides have the same dimension. Here is a picture of an octahedron from Wikipedia:

If you lop off (or truncate) this shape’s pointy corners (the parts in red) you wind up with the shape I’m working with. Ta da.

Here are the remaining pieces:

Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Octahedron2

Truncated Octahedron 1

6 more after the jump

Truncated octahedron606

Truncated octahedron604

Truncated octahedron605

All the above pieces were created by cutting out 7 identical templates of the basic design I was using and re-combining all the bits back together. The following 3 pieces are an experiment in seeing how much I could simply the forms with fewer colors.

Truncated Octahedron Simpliified

Truncated  Octahedron Simplified 625

Truncated  Octahedron Simplified624



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