New Shapes

A few exercises I did to practice brush-work.

Compound of 5 tetrahedra
“Compound of 5 Tetrahedra,” 8″ x 6″, acrylic on paper

Great ditrigonal icosidodecahedron

“Great Ditrigonal Icosidodecahedron” 8″ x 6″, acrylic on paper



2 Responses to “New Shapes”

  1. I like the first one best for its lesser degree of tesselation, plus its cyan and blue balance to the pallette. The purple and lime one I feel needs something colorwise, although the shape complexity is interesting in itself.

    • Thanks for the comments. I agree that the palette in the first is prettier, and I might not go with purple again if I redid the lower one. I would keep the dual tone though because the entire shape ends up being composed of triangles (green) and pentagons (purple) that intersect at various angles, so I wanted them to be consistently colored. I’m not sure the lighting on the purple makes sense but whatever.

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