Our First Official JRP Book

JD and i have been working on projects together for years in a sort of loose messy fashion but we have decided to make it official. when we work together we are now Jade Rabbit Productions, and we even have a little green bunny logo. this is our first handmade book based on my dream from 10/08/12.

comments/crits/feedback are always welcome.

JD handled the cover, quilted paintings and collage.

these are ones i worked on, the piece on the left is a graphite rubbing with a layer of tracing paper and the right is applique and embroidery.

we split these, i’m on the left and he’s on the right, applique and hand lettering.

reverse split, painted stenciling, and on the right it is cut paper and applique.

JD’s back cover with our new logo


3 Responses to “Our First Official JRP Book”

  1. Admirable. I too am compiling enough stuff for a book. I doubt the cat exercise wheel will make in, as I have yet to work out a few bugs. I intend to present it to a publisher, or maybe just a printer as a 11″ x 17″ landscape-oriented picture book. They suggest 5,000 editions to begin work.

  2. Fantastic job guys!! The construction looks really great, and I love the complete integration of both your creative worlds. Next comment is a bit vintage- I can’t wait to see where this leads. 😉

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