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it’s been awhile

Posted in digital, Drawing, laelia e. mitchell, printmaking, Work in Progress with tags , , , , on January 28, 2013 by laelia e. mitchell

indeed it has.  my studio is done and i’m getting the space organized, a small printing press is being delivered today, i’m drawing making photographs and gathering image materials to start some collage work.  so … while much is happening, what  i have to post is below.

it’s made with paper  a very elegant and simple drawing app for the ipad.  it’s part of a daily drawing exercise i’ve undertaken inspired by the 365 drawing journal by noah scalin




how to redirect the muse

Posted in digital, exhibits, laelia e. mitchell, landscape, openings, Photography with tags , , , on December 10, 2012 by laelia e. mitchell

my strategy has been to cook.  i’ve managed to channel the art making energy into cooking.  my time abroad recently inspired me to follow recipes for moroccan dishes.  i even purchased a traditional moroccan cooking vessel … tagine … and am working with lots of new untried spice combinations.  so while i sit and wait  for the studio to be completed we’ll be eating well.

one bit of art news … i’m in a show the snowflake salon show curated by the good folks at heavybubble.  here’s my entry

ode to summer


the longest stretch

Posted in digital, laelia e. mitchell, Photography with tags , , on December 3, 2012 by laelia e. mitchell

this stretch of time not having a studio has been both freeing and frustrating.  the freeing part is composed of that feeling of suspended responsibility.  the frustration is knowing time is ticking away and i’ll never get that time back.  i know this all a bit dramatic, however, the experience has been very illuminating.  i clearly know now i have a direction and am eager to start again.  i hope i’ll look back at this time and be grateful for this “longest stretch” and just get into the studio and make stuff.


random iphone photo using the "decim8" app

back in the states

Posted in Art on November 26, 2012 by laelia e. mitchell

I spent last week in Marrakech. it was a work thing and so there was little free time to explore. we spent a morning and early afternoon walking through a medina and souk. we were strongly advised not to take pictures which totally bummed me out. when I did make a photo … on my phone … it was right before a mob moved in to chase a person suspected of stealing. regardless of all these challenges, the people, the culture and sights were remarkable. I saw lock makers, drum makers, rug weavers, pharmacists, and all manner of merchants. the food was so heavenly, I’m resolved to learn Moroccan style cooking

I have no doubt the sights, smells and sounds will find their way into artwork … what form it takes will surely be exciting. until my studio is finished (which should be soon) I’ll have to wait and …. eat 🙂


away away away

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I’m far away from the state  and will post pictures when I return.

image processing app  –> decim8

hurricane sandy

Posted in laelia e. mitchell, Photography with tags , on November 5, 2012 by laelia e. mitchell

i wont go nattering on about my studio practice when the east coast is still in crisis.  i sent some money to  printed mattter, the red cross and here’s a brilliant link to use to purchase goods through amazon via the occupy sandy wedding registry


iwan baan’s photo of manhattan for new york magazine

enter … storm sandy

Posted in Art, art on paper, laelia e. mitchell, printmaking, technique with tags , , on October 29, 2012 by laelia e. mitchell

here i sit awaiting the wrath of the superstorm sandy.  so far we still have power and so i’ll quickly post.  spent the weekend in a printmaking workshop in northampton ma discovering the joy of the pronto plate.  it’s a super versatile material originally developed for the commercial printing industry.  here’s a link   i’ll definitely continue exploring this process.

in the meanwhile, today i’ll play with woodblock stuff.  since i’m at home, i’ll spread some old tablecloth or something and have some fun