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Conceptual Requiem for a Ninja Yogi Dream

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I’ve returned to a collaboration with Toni Tiller, making conceptual images illustrating her dream narratives. She posts her dreams at www.

This is a conceptual mixed media sketch on paper, one of a few I’ll make for her dream, posted on 3/17/13, “Doing yoga with a ninja”.

Tom Bennett

ink, alcohol-based ink, graphite, gouache on paper


Power Outage Redux

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted here I can’t even be sure I can identify myself. It’s like returning to my bedroom after sleeping in the woods for a few months.;  it’s dark in here.  A Power Outage happened in my brain, a cognitive outage. This is a return to a medium I’ve been fooling around with the last few years;  a mix of alcohol-based ink,  graphite, india ink and gouache.

Tom Bennett

Power Outage Redux, 2013, ink, graphite & gouache, 8 x 11.5

Horse Show in the works

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I have several works in an upcoming group show in Brooklyn. The exhibition has a theme: Horses. Theme shows are sometimes iffy, but I have confidence this will be very good. These two mixed media monotype/paintings in progress are part of several final pieces I’m working on for this show. The first one is in a very unresolved stage.

I’ve been Away

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Everyone needs a little rest now and then, and the schedule of work, travel, and blogging got to be a bit much so I decided to hibernate for winter but now winter is OVER and it’s time for new projects.

A friend of mine has 2 Colombian red skin boas that throw off their skins regularly and it got me wondering about the leftovers as a usable material. They are pliable but tough, kind of cellulosy, and depending on what side you leave exposed they are either mildly iridescent or a white fishnet pattern that can be dyed. With this piece I wanted to use colors that were analogous to the natural snake color, which i backed with a slate blue to bring it’s own pattern forward. From there it was just the usual draw, cut, glue process as usual. After being backed with paper the skin cuts beautifully, supporting the finest cuts without tearing.

Pheromone 2013: Revisiting a Painting

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This is a painting that has gone through a few variations over the past 8 months. I posted the first stage of it here : last May.  I had a conversation with our own Toni Tiller about it and she exhibited once again her insight with a suggestion concerning the editing of an unresolved area of  this abstracted design. The painting successfully translated form, color, value through rhythm and movement  but became confused and clunky in the ‘head’ area. I repainted that territory and pulled it into a more tangible architecture.  Its done, finally.

Pheromone  2013
Pheromone 2013, 2013, oil on canvas,  38 x 62″


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Inaugural, monotype with oil paint overlay on paper, 28″ x 18″

Sandy Turner

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This massive storm that rode up the east coast & caused unprecedented havoc has been described to hyperbolic death. So here I am presenting some monotypes I made as a response.  For the first few days after, I kept thinking of JWM Turner’s transcendent paintings.


Breach 2, monotype, 16″ x 20″

Breach 3, monotype, 16″ x 20″