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I am very interested in Japanese art, particularly Zen art and poetry, and have occasionally incorporated some imagery from that tradition into my own work. Thematically however, my work is often the opposite to the spirit of most Zen art. Whereas meditative spontaneity, improvisation and simplicity are central to actual Zen art, my work is often busy, labored and chaotic. Personally, this somehow makes sense to me, though I’d understand if it flummoxed a fan of the original tradition (I’m pretty sure most followers of traditions I dabble in would be annoyed by me).

In these pieces I am working with an image of Daruma (or Bodhidarma), the founder of Zen Buddhism, who is central to Zen art’s imagery. These pieces represent him crossing the Yangtze River while balanced on a single reed, a feat he was required to perform while fleeing the Chinese Emperor, whom he had just insulted.

In the short term, these pieces are an experiment with a sort of collaged drawing style that I’ve used before, but never with a sewing machine. Each collage is comprised of pieces of 7 individual drawings of Daruma (based on an original source drawing I made), or collage of painted canvases. I will post these originals at the end. Each piece is 9″ x 6″, multimedia.

What I like about these, and where I see some connection back to the source material, is that while traditional western drawing techniques that I used in most of the original pieces are very deterministic, where you can achieve virtually any intended effect given patience, the collages add a large element of chance. Even knowing what the processes will be before hand, the end result can’t be predicted until the actual work is finished and viewed. While still not meditative or improvisational this element of chance that may result in unexpected results or outright failure make the pieces “live” to me in a manner that drawing static, predictable works don’t.

That’s a lot to say about these, though I really consider these sketches. Tests of methods I may pursue more fully later. Caffeine!

(This piece has already been mounted into a book that I’ll post at some other time)







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Art Exchange

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My Friends’ Scott and Amanda’s daughter, Chloe, recently sent me an artwork that she drew for me.


In return, I painted these 2 unicorns rearing at each other to put in a short art book.



Is This The Greatest Artwork Ever Created?

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Probably not, but MAYBE.


New Doodles

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Drew these this weekend, as some sort of 3D asteroids (as in the video game).







Our First Official JRP Book

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JD and i have been working on projects together for years in a sort of loose messy fashion but we have decided to make it official. when we work together we are now Jade Rabbit Productions, and we even have a little green bunny logo. this is our first handmade book based on my dream from 10/08/12.

comments/crits/feedback are always welcome.

JD handled the cover, quilted paintings and collage.

these are ones i worked on, the piece on the left is a graphite rubbing with a layer of tracing paper and the right is applique and embroidery.

we split these, i’m on the left and he’s on the right, applique and hand lettering.

reverse split, painted stenciling, and on the right it is cut paper and applique.

JD’s back cover with our new logo

The Artistic Process

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I commute to San Francisco from Berkeley each day, which means that the BART strike going on right now is ruining my mornings and evenings. It’s hardly the worst problem in the world to have, but navigating the commutes to and from work yesterday was physically and emotionally exhausting. Despite generally being out of it last night, I forced myself to make something to post today. Hence this light-hearted art book (not yet bound).








In order to make the pieces with the letter tiles, I have to arrange them all on sheets of masking tape, hence that reference.


Polygons and Polyhedra Book 10

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Dodecahedron5Icosahedron7Hexagonal Prism725Cuboctahedron880Truncated  Octahedron Simplified 625Rhombicuboctahedron3
Triakistetrahedron1Pentagonal icositetrahedron623Rhombic Dedecahedron5Square Gyrocupola723Triaugmented Hexagonal Prism5Hebesphenomegacorona740Stella Octangula3Square Antiprism2

Polygons and Polyhedra Book 10, a set on Flickr.

Book 10 of 10 (I skipped a few sets since the last one I posted). All pages are 6″ x 4.25″, multi-media quilt.