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Horse Show in the works

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I have several works in an upcoming group show in Brooklyn. The exhibition has a theme: Horses. Theme shows are sometimes iffy, but I have confidence this will be very good. These two mixed media monotype/paintings in progress are part of several final pieces I’m working on for this show. The first one is in a very unresolved stage.


Old Crotchety Carracci

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Here’s an old monotype from the archives.

I once spent a week in the Uffizi drawing room collection when one could be issued a special permit to examine original old master drawings by hand (wearing special cotton gloves, of course)–literally holding the ancient drawings on paper in your hands! Needless to say, that special provision is history. Carracci impressed me with his beautifully facile line and form. I came away with a man crush on the old italian.

it’s been awhile

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indeed it has.  my studio is done and i’m getting the space organized, a small printing press is being delivered today, i’m drawing making photographs and gathering image materials to start some collage work.  so … while much is happening, what  i have to post is below.

it’s made with paper  a very elegant and simple drawing app for the ipad.  it’s part of a daily drawing exercise i’ve undertaken inspired by the 365 drawing journal by noah scalin




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Inaugural, monotype with oil paint overlay on paper, 28″ x 18″

Sandy Turner

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This massive storm that rode up the east coast & caused unprecedented havoc has been described to hyperbolic death. So here I am presenting some monotypes I made as a response.  For the first few days after, I kept thinking of JWM Turner’s transcendent paintings.


Breach 2, monotype, 16″ x 20″

Breach 3, monotype, 16″ x 20″

New York is Tough

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I’ve lived in NY city for a long time and have experienced this city through many crisis both natural and man-made. It may sound like a cliche but I have found it absolutely true: NYers are  best when circumstances are worst. Hurricane Sandy, the most destructively powerful natural disaster in recorded city history slammed the the northeast causing devastation through the boroughs, not to mention the whole tri-state area. Fear and destruction played out through the last several days but individuals steel through it.

Below is a photo I took several blocks from my house in Brooklyn, as the storm was slowly heading towards us.

Below is a monotype I made later that night, as the city was flooding and i was fortunate enough to have electricity and a dry house.

Breach stage 1

Breach 1, stage 1, monotype, 16″ x 20″

enter … storm sandy

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here i sit awaiting the wrath of the superstorm sandy.  so far we still have power and so i’ll quickly post.  spent the weekend in a printmaking workshop in northampton ma discovering the joy of the pronto plate.  it’s a super versatile material originally developed for the commercial printing industry.  here’s a link   i’ll definitely continue exploring this process.

in the meanwhile, today i’ll play with woodblock stuff.  since i’m at home, i’ll spread some old tablecloth or something and have some fun