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Our First Official JRP Book

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JD and i have been working on projects together for years in a sort of loose messy fashion but we have decided to make it official. when we work together we are now Jade Rabbit Productions, and we even have a little green bunny logo. this is our first handmade book based on my dream from 10/08/12.

comments/crits/feedback are always welcome.

JD handled the cover, quilted paintings and collage.

these are ones i worked on, the piece on the left is a graphite rubbing with a layer of tracing paper and the right is applique and embroidery.

we split these, i’m on the left and he’s on the right, applique and hand lettering.

reverse split, painted stenciling, and on the right it is cut paper and applique.

JD’s back cover with our new logo


I’ve been Away

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Everyone needs a little rest now and then, and the schedule of work, travel, and blogging got to be a bit much so I decided to hibernate for winter but now winter is OVER and it’s time for new projects.

A friend of mine has 2 Colombian red skin boas that throw off their skins regularly and it got me wondering about the leftovers as a usable material. They are pliable but tough, kind of cellulosy, and depending on what side you leave exposed they are either mildly iridescent or a white fishnet pattern that can be dyed. With this piece I wanted to use colors that were analogous to the natural snake color, which i backed with a slate blue to bring it’s own pattern forward. From there it was just the usual draw, cut, glue process as usual. After being backed with paper the skin cuts beautifully, supporting the finest cuts without tearing.

Pheromone 2013: Revisiting a Painting

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This is a painting that has gone through a few variations over the past 8 months. I posted the first stage of it here : last May.  I had a conversation with our own Toni Tiller about it and she exhibited once again her insight with a suggestion concerning the editing of an unresolved area of  this abstracted design. The painting successfully translated form, color, value through rhythm and movement  but became confused and clunky in the ‘head’ area. I repainted that territory and pulled it into a more tangible architecture.  Its done, finally.

Pheromone  2013
Pheromone 2013, 2013, oil on canvas,  38 x 62″


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I’ve been busy making a bunch of stuff for Christmas presents, and in the spirit of not blowing it by posting it all over the internet I am going to direct your attention elsewhere.

As discussed last week thread art is a new angle of exploration so I was delighted to find out that my internet friend funkembroidery is a self professed “embroidery nerd”. Her work is engaging for it’s irreverence, the freedom of images choices and stitches, as well as for the way she layers her patterns. She, like JD, isn’t afraid to do that, unlike my chicken shit self that needs to be backed into the layering pattern corner. She was also kind enough to recommend this book, (which might end up being a self secret Santa gift) plus she also has a Dune reference, something we are no stranger to here. Check it out.

Her applique skills kick my ass too.

10/08/12 Page

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So as was posted last week JD and I have started a new project making books based on my dreams. We liked the results but thought we could stream line it all down a little by bringing the size to 8 inches by 8 inches for the new ones, the idea being that if we have an agreed template size that we can work on these remotely more easily. The future ones can be worked out in drawings over email and then the final product assembled either in person or by shipping my finished ones to him.

This is our next one, and I am responsible for the first line. I have my image but can’t decide if the text should go above the image or on the inside page preceding it. If it goes on the image itself it presents some challenges as to how to get the text on there, it’s a pretty narrow space so appliqueing would cut in harshly and might look crowded. Then again if it is on the page facing it that would technically be the inside of the front cover. I don’t know what to do.

Here is the image as it stands now, 8 x 8 and a mix of embroidery and applique.

“Suicidal intentions tweeted from the top floor”


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The last few weeks Toni and I have been working on a quick project to make a book centered around one of her dreams.

We knocked out most of it in a weekend (which is incredible), then detailing took another 2 weeks of intermittent work. Here is the original dream we used

Covers copy
These are the back and front cover (The Front is on the right). The book is 14 x 11 and an inch thick.

pp1-2 copy
Page 1 (hand applique by Toni) and 2, “I don’t care what John Irving has to say”

pp3-4 copy
Page 3 and 4

pp5-6 copy
Page 5, “Bears make terrible pets” and 6, last week’s Bear at a Polka Party.


Tramp o’ Lean

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With this piece, based on an image of Toni Tiller (supine on a trampoline), I approached the treatment a little differently than the recent paintings on paper I’ve been doing over the past year. I struggle with an objective analysis here, but the controlled application of paint , conscious distortion and drawing I see as a reaction to the graphic quality of the photo I worked from.

Tom Bennett

Trampoline,  oil on paper, 22″ x 30″