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Horse Show in the works

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I have several works in an upcoming group show in Brooklyn. The exhibition has a theme: Horses. Theme shows are sometimes iffy, but I have confidence this will be very good. These two mixed media monotype/paintings in progress are part of several final pieces I’m working on for this show. The first one is in a very unresolved stage.


it’s been awhile

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indeed it has.  my studio is done and i’m getting the space organized, a small printing press is being delivered today, i’m drawing making photographs and gathering image materials to start some collage work.  so … while much is happening, what  i have to post is below.

it’s made with paper  a very elegant and simple drawing app for the ipad.  it’s part of a daily drawing exercise i’ve undertaken inspired by the 365 drawing journal by noah scalin



10/08/12 Page

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So as was posted last week JD and I have started a new project making books based on my dreams. We liked the results but thought we could stream line it all down a little by bringing the size to 8 inches by 8 inches for the new ones, the idea being that if we have an agreed template size that we can work on these remotely more easily. The future ones can be worked out in drawings over email and then the final product assembled either in person or by shipping my finished ones to him.

This is our next one, and I am responsible for the first line. I have my image but can’t decide if the text should go above the image or on the inside page preceding it. If it goes on the image itself it presents some challenges as to how to get the text on there, it’s a pretty narrow space so appliqueing would cut in harshly and might look crowded. Then again if it is on the page facing it that would technically be the inside of the front cover. I don’t know what to do.

Here is the image as it stands now, 8 x 8 and a mix of embroidery and applique.

“Suicidal intentions tweeted from the top floor”

Details of a Mess in Progress

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I’m working on a painting now that isn’t at all there yet. Hence, I’m posting detail shots of the surface. Wetting the appetite?

oil on canvas

Tom Bennett







Sample picture

late for an update

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well .. the latest episode has me ending my studio rental in boston and building a small studio up in vermont.  i can’t justify keeping the studio here as my work has picked up considerably and i need to “make hay while the sun lasts” ending with having no time during the week to get there.  those of you who are freelancers will key into this concept.  that said, i’ve had enough extra cash combined with selling all of my other camera equipment to buy a fuji finepix x100.  very old skool … yet all digital.  i finally have a camera that encourages me to use my photography skills again.  so .. .while i play with the camera … pack up my studio …. and enjoy the summer … you’ll have to wait a little while to see any new art.  i’ll be taking a monotype printmaking workshop next week at the fine arts work center… so likely monday will be quiet here on the blog.


Small Monotype as Underpainting

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This I’m going to paint into.



Age, monotype, 8″ x 6″

WIP portrait

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8 years ago I lived in a Brooklyn apartment near Greenwood cemetery – a fantastic, gothic and wild place that could make for another story – and when I moved to my current house, I left a bunch of paintings with my landlady, who lived next door. I of course assumed I would come back within a few days or weeks to pick them up, but you see, I have a character flaw: I procrastinate. Oh, and I misplace and forget. I left the art with her  for almost eight years. I lost touch with her and her husband until one day on the subway she walked up to me and said “I thought that was you, Tom. I recognized the paint all over your pants.”  After I composed myself and shrugged off the embarrassing realization that I stumble through life with raw umber smeared all over my wardrobe, we reconnected. She had given birth to a baby boy during the first few months I had lived in the apartment, now her  son was 12 . Well, she asked me to paint the young man. I couldn’t say no. I mean, she had been a free storage facility for some of my and my dad’s paintings for almost a decade. But more than that, She and her husband are wonderful people.

This is currently in a working stage.  I’ll post the finish when it’s done. If it doesn’t suck.


WIP Ronnie

WIP, oil, wax crayon & oil stick on board, 24″ x 18″