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Conceptual Requiem for a Ninja Yogi Dream

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I’ve returned to a collaboration with Toni Tiller, making conceptual images illustrating her dream narratives. She posts her dreams at www.

This is a conceptual mixed media sketch on paper, one of a few I’ll make for her dream, posted on 3/17/13, “Doing yoga with a ninja”.

Tom Bennett

ink, alcohol-based ink, graphite, gouache on paper


10/08/12 Page

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So as was posted last week JD and I have started a new project making books based on my dreams. We liked the results but thought we could stream line it all down a little by bringing the size to 8 inches by 8 inches for the new ones, the idea being that if we have an agreed template size that we can work on these remotely more easily. The future ones can be worked out in drawings over email and then the final product assembled either in person or by shipping my finished ones to him.

This is our next one, and I am responsible for the first line. I have my image but can’t decide if the text should go above the image or on the inside page preceding it. If it goes on the image itself it presents some challenges as to how to get the text on there, it’s a pretty narrow space so appliqueing would cut in harshly and might look crowded. Then again if it is on the page facing it that would technically be the inside of the front cover. I don’t know what to do.

Here is the image as it stands now, 8 x 8 and a mix of embroidery and applique.

“Suicidal intentions tweeted from the top floor”

From The Archives

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I’m in full hibernation mode, all I do most days is shovel shit tons of snow and break up ice so the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is to make art. My first thought was to steal JD’s idea and make a little animated movie of one of the dozens of ridiculous fights we have in our Facebook art discussion group, but the program thwarted that idea by only allowing me two actors when at least 12 would be needed. In the process I found this old video I made before I had the dream blog and was still exploring how to present them. In the mean time, you’ll have to excuse me while I go back to bed and hope it’s spring when I next wake.

For some reason it won’t embed so if you want you can watch it here.

Rock Haul of Fem

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Wow, that was a baaaad pun. Ok, this week we have more successful and not-so-successful experiments with the search for monotype interpretations of Tiller’s dreams. These are takes on her dream of moving rocks.
Think of this as a sort of a Dr Dre sampling of Zeppelin. Only maybe not as entertaining.
Tom Bennett


Dream Study: Moving Rocks 1, monotype, 20″ x 16″

dream: rock moving 2

Dream Study: Moving Rocks 2, monotype, 12″ x 18″

dream: rock moving 3

Dream Study: Moving Rocks 3, monotype, 12″ x 18″

Sketch from a Dream: A Modernist Ladder

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Working constantly, no time to make art; squeezed this monotype out the other night as an interpretation of a dream of Tiller’s: “Last night’s dream – I climbed Martin Puryear’s ladder into the infinite and never came back.”
I just saw some of Puryear’s work last week at Moma. I like the choices he makes with materials and treatment.

This has some problems with design elements and particularly marks. I’ll try again in a few days.


Puryear's Ladder 1

Study From a Dream: Puryear’s Ladder, 2010, monotype, 17″ x 11″

More Dreams: Monotype Studies

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Here is a finished monotype and some unresolved studies illustrating chosen dreams of  Toni Tiller’s.
The medium allows for quick studies to be worked and reworked on the plexiglass matrix, so that experimentation is always an easy and disposable exercise. The first I’m happy with, the rest are problematic and I’m posting them as WIPS of a sort. I’m using rags, a steel comb and razor blades as some of my tools here.

Click on the link after each title to read the corresponding dream.

Dream of a Tail

A Tail Like a Cat, monotype, 9″ x 12″
Dream from 7/02/10)

 dream study/floating to the surface

Dream study/ Floating to the Surface, monotype, 18″ x 14″
Dream from 6/12/10

The above has a number of issues. its too busy and the figures seem to be a bit static, for starters.

dream study/storm

Dream study/ Storm, monotype, 18″ x 14″
Dream from 7/11/10
This is clumsy to me, and I’m not happy with the design, nor the drawing.

dream study/eating mice

Dream study/ Eating Mice, monotype, 9″ x 12″
Dream from 5/31/10
I had designed this to be viewed vertically, but the issues I have with the mouth and general drawing pushed me to present it horizontally. The composition is more dynamic and the tension works. I don’t think know if it represents the tone of the dream right, though.