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Conceptual Requiem for a Ninja Yogi Dream

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I’ve returned to a collaboration with Toni Tiller, making conceptual images illustrating her dream narratives. She posts her dreams at www.

This is a conceptual mixed media sketch on paper, one of a few I’ll make for her dream, posted on 3/17/13, “Doing yoga with a ninja”.

Tom Bennett

ink, alcohol-based ink, graphite, gouache on paper


Strawberry Letter 22 or 23

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Here are just a few recent life drawings done on the MTA, the NYC subway. I take the D, N and R lines to and from Brooklyn and Manhattan; most of the sketching is done at night on the train from Rockefeller Center in Manhattan to Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I have a smallish sketchbook right now, about 8″ x  5.5″. The  challenge is to draw the subjects quickly and hope they don’t catch your eye. That kills it.

I grew up 70 miles from NYC, in the rural town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. I started visiting Manhattan from the age of 2 or 3, driving down the Saw Mill Parkway with my parents as my father delivered art to the publishing houses who hired him to do book cover illustrations. One of the main clients was Pocketbooks, a division of Simon & Schuster, whose offices are on 6th Ave, right across the street from the subway station I use now every day.

The music that speaks New York to me is particular and special to my history of NY as visitor then a 25-year resident. The attached song by the Brothers Johnson will forever conjure up trips to New York in 1978 that invariably ended up with bar-crawling, party-crashing and public debauchery.subway 3-27-13 a

sub 3-27 b

subway 3-27-13b

sub 3-28 a

sub 3-28 b

Last Day at Beach Point

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She was enjoying a bit of late summer sun  before heading back to the grind.

North Truro, Mass is a tiny piece of heaven.


Ink & brush pen sketch from life

I Don’t Give an At’s Rass

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I don’t have anything finished, good or even an interesting in-progress piece of sh*t, cause I’m time-poor. When I have a few moments at the illustration studio, I’ve been playing around with various illustration techniques in photoshop paint mimicry while listening to big-haired, broad-shouldered 80’s pop. . I’m fooling around with various brush presets, here’s a half-finished sketch that is not exactly a piece of brill-effing- ience, but it’s free to look. bla-bla-bla.


Human League, scanned pencil and photoshop

art and food …

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two of my favorite activities.  this week i joined them in a union that may lead me somewhere.  i had just boiled some beets and was really taken (again) with the deep rich color left behind in the water.  i soaked a piece of sketch paper and left it to dry overnight.  testing the paper with white ink, i started drawing circles … a rather mundane yet meditative practice.  the result … barely interesting.

Pogonological Wonder In Graphite

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12 x 9 inches
graphite on archival mat board

This is a small drawing I did of a friend. It’s for the same project Tom Bennett mentioned in this post. I decided to do a straight forward graphite sketch since I rarely draw anymore. I was hoping that making a simple drawing would be a quiet, meditative exercise–good practice and a positive experience for my fucked up brain. It was. Maybe I’ll get back in the habit of drawing now. Maybe not. I could probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve sat down in the last 15 years and actually drawn an image of something in front of me. At any rate, it came out ok, not exactly accurate, but there is a likeness.


back from the beach and back in the studio

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after a much needed warm weather excursion, i’ve spent some productive time in the studio. my last post spoke to the dilemmas i face when placing my studio practice on the back burner. when i wrote that i’d be taking some oil sticks, pencils and a sketchbook on my vacation, i obligated myself to actually draw… which i did, happily on the beach. it was a necessary excercise to stay in the game, to make sure my practice is as much a part of my life as … oh .. drinking coffee. the results are below. i also spent some time in the studio upon my return to make certain my practice stayed on track when i’m not at the beach. while i can say i succeeded in my commitments to draw consistently, i can also assure you that time spent at the beach is really, REALLY nice!

beach time

this was done in studio. acrylic and pencil on black plexi 4"x5"