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Last Day at Beach Point

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She was enjoying a bit of late summer sun  before heading back to the grind.

North Truro, Mass is a tiny piece of heaven.


Ink & brush pen sketch from life


circle game

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last week was a circle week in more ways than just drawing … I’ll let you figure that one out. 10 foot rice paper scroll of circles very meditative


today’s studio play

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messing around with watercolors today


Ghost Image Redux

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Here are 2 more pieces in the series of unique prints I’m making using the “ghost” image of previous monotype left on the plexi glass plate. I’ve included last week’s image to put the current two in context. My main medium here is, again, oil based etching inks, with oil paint brought in as more viscous and opaque passages are handled. In the case of “King of the Unnamed Wand 3”, I purposely applied paint and ink in heavier quantities in areas of the plate so that the pressure of the press- about 6000 lbs psi-pushed the medium into splayed “waves” across the image. This can be a wild, hit or miss proposition. Here, I initially was ambivalent about the results, but on further reflection I decided I liked the graphicly strange marks.

Click on the images to see larger version.
Tom Bennett

Last week’s image:
King of the Unnamed Wand

King of the Unnamed Wand

this week’s:

King of the Unnamed Wand 2, monotype, 16″ x 20″


King of the Unnamed wand 3, montype, 16″ x 20″